8 Simple Steps to Play Rummy and Earn Real Money

A rummy fan will know well how engaging the game can be. This is the reason why most people play rummy online even with practice chips. It helps them divert their mind from stress and sharpen some important life skills too. The online playing options available today are most tempting for all rummy players. If you are one such player who wishes to show the world their prowess in the game by winning a cash tournament, Khelplay Rummy offers every opportunity you need. Here are 8 simple steps to achieve this end easily:

  1. Understand the Basic Rules Governing All Rummy Card Games

Before you go ahead to win online competitions, you need to first understand the basic rules governing all the rummy games. Before you head to play Indian rummy online games, take time to understand the rules. Here we have listed out the main rules that govern most variations of Indian rummy.

  • The goal of a player is to complete the specified number of melds and sequences
  • A meld is made from cards of different signs but same value
  • A sequence can be made using number cards, face cards or a combination of both
  • Jokers can be used to complete real sequences
  • A real sequence and a pure sequence are together termed as Life


  1. Get Acquainted with Khelplay Rummy Gaming App

Just learning the rummy game is not enough for you to win money playing games online. You should also understand how to use the Khelplay Rummy app. Take time to acquaint yourself with the different features of the app. Try to play rummy online and see how you do the same. If there are some specific functions you do not understand, just visit the different videos uploaded by the site to help you through this ordeal.


  1. Play Rummy with Practice Chips on Khelplay Rummy

Your final aim maybe to win some cash by playing rummy on the internet. Yet, you need to be patient to achieve this end. The online real cash winning games need to played with patience. Start by playing the game of rummy online with practice chips. This will help you understand where you stand in the game. If you are not winning in practice chips, there is no sense playing with real cash. Try to understand how someone else is winning the game while you fail. This will help you understand your flaws and correct your moves.


  1. Read Blogs on Playing Rummy to Win Cash

Just playing the games and practising rummy may not always be enough. You also need to read blogs on the website. It will help you know the different secrets of playing the game online. Many times we hesitate to ask our queries or doubts to strangers. This problem is completely solved in sites like Khelplay Rummy. Here, there are several blogs that describe the diverse variations of rummy games available online. If your intention is to play rummy and earn real money, you should be willing to take sometime to read such informative blogs.


  1. Chat with Other Online Rummy Players on Khelplay Rummy

Most of the online rummy playing sites also offer you the opportunity to play with friends online. This is a great way to know the remaining facts related to the game. You can get your doubts instantly by asking friends online on chat.

  1. Keep Track of Different Online Rummy Cash Tournaments

Do not participate in every other online rummy tournament you see. Be wise to check the different sites and play only when you come across reliable websites and apps like Khelplay Rummy.

  1. Create a Cash Account on Khelplay Rummy

Khelplay Rummy understands that players may wish to play rummy just for fun. That is why it has offered option to its players to choose between practice and real chips. Once you have played enough of practice games, you may switch to playing the real game. You need to create a cash account by depositing requisite sum to get real chips online.

  1. Play Rummy and Win Real Cash

The last and final step is to play rummy confidently and put all the rummy playing rules you learnt to use. Win the game and enjoy flaunting your success in the game to the world.