Ateneo hosts International Conference on Educational Frontiers 2018

Image result for Ateneo hosts International Conference on Educational Frontiers 2018EDUCATORS AND researchers discussed the current state of education systems globally in the age of fake news and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the International Conference on Educational Frontiers (ICEF) held at the Areté on October 3 to 5.

McCann Worldgroup Chief Strategy Officer Gino Borromeo, Education University of Hong Kong chair professor Christine Halse, PhD, and Shanghai American School instructional coach Andrew Miller spoke at the conference’s key presentations and break-out sessions about the youth, intercultural education, and project management.

Technology’s influence on education

Sanata Dharma University President Johanes Eka Priyatma, PhD commenced the first day of the conference with a discussion on how teaching is a “field full of uncertainties” given the emergence of technology, such as AI.

University President Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ also spoke about how teaching and learning have been changing due to numerous innovations. He said that with the emergence of technology, people are able to “know more” yet still “know less.”

Key speaker Gino Borromeo also delved on how technological advancements influence students’ lives, as well as how the youth’s experience is starkly different from previous generations. According to him, “This is a generation that values diversity of people.”

Diversity through intercultural education

In a keynote talk, Halse spoke about the importance of diversity and ways of translating it into schools through intercultural education.

She talked about how acknowledging diversity may help in creating a more inclusive and understanding society.

“[Intercultural education] reminds society that it needs a moral compass to build an optimistic future,” she stated.

Delegates also participated in breakout sessions, which touched

on educational systems in terms of inclusion and sustainability, school culture and stakeholder involvement, and frontiers in education research.

Project-based learning

Meanwhile, different facets of education were discussed during breakout sessions that centered on actions of excellence, innovations in science and math, and student engagement and academic performance.

Among these breakout sessions was the “Rex Project-Based Learning Master Class,” where Miller taught ways to educate through the use of school projects.

Miller explained “essential project design elements,” and showcased existing projects for the participants to analyze and get ideas from.

“The best way to learn is by doing,” Miller said, emphasizing the importance of hands-on activities and projects when it comes to learning.



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