MHRD Opposed by Manish Sisodia on University Recruitment

DELHI : Delhi State’s Education Minister, Manish Sisodia has rejected the MHRD’s notice to initiate the recruitment process in Delhi University Colleges. The MHRD in its official letter has asked the university to start the recruitment process for the vacant teaching and non teaching seats in the University before the start of the next academic session in July.

The Education Minister of the State wrote to the Chief Election Commissioner on Tuesday, Sunil Arora rejecting the order for recruitment of the staff in colleges. The education minister of the state denied the order on two grounds, firstly he argued that the recruitment for the vacancy cannot take place as the governing bodies in the respective colleges are yet to be formed and secondly during the election season when Model Code of Conduct has been issued it is unethical to start the recruitment process as it can lead to biases in the recruitment process.

There are 28 Delhi University colleges which are fully and partially funded by the Delhi government and the state government has asked to not initiate the recruitment process irrespective of the nature of funding.

The tenure of the governing bodies in all the 28 colleges expired few months back. Neither was the previous committee provided extension for the next tenure nor has been any new recruitment made for the members of the governing bodies.

The state government of Delhi has although claimed that they have been writing letters to the Vice Chancellor of the University, Yogi Tyagi to constitute the governing bodies in colleges ever since their term ended in March.

The government has been making several requests to the university since February to form a governing body the university has not paid any attention to this.

Governing Body in a college is responsible for the administration, appointment and recruitment of the staff in the college and without a governing body it is impossible to schedule interviews. Considering the non availability of the governing body initiating a recruitment process in the university will be against the law. This is not the first time that MHRD has interfered in the internal matters of the university.

The order to initiate the recruitment process is an arbitrary move of the ministry wherein they are overlooking the administrative structures of the university and negating the legal- formal process to fulfill their agendas.


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