Sports As A Career Option Growing Incredibly In India

Job postings for sports-related roles have grown by over 70 percent in the last five years (January 2014 to January 2019), according to data from job-site Indeed. These openings are largely concentrated in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and New Delhi, which together host over 50 percent of all available job postings in the country. These postings pertain to job roles that support and supplement key players on the ground, such as sports physiotherapist, sports manager, sports photographer, sports analyst, sports commentators and sports journalist among others.

Top states for sports jobs in India:

2018 Rank 2019 Rank State % of total Indian Sports Jobs
2 1 Karnataka 19
1 2 Maharashtra 19
4 3 New Delhi 13
6 4 Haryana 9
5 5 Tamil Nadu 7
3 6 Telangana 6
7 7 Uttar Pradesh 5
9 8 Gujarat 4
9 Punjab 3
8 10 West Bengal 2

While Karnataka and Maharashtra continue to maintain their lead in terms of sports-related jobs, Punjab is a new entrant to the list. Telangana and West Bengal, on the other hand, saw the number of sports-related job postings reduce by half since the previous year. The age group of 20 to 25-year-olds show the maximum interest in these jobs, followed by those in the age group of 25 to 30 years.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, said, “With the rising interest in alternative careers and the shift in individual preference towards a healthier lifestyle, it is interesting to see the job seekers of today look for jobs that allow them to follow their passions. With the government and Corporate India working to boost sports development, we can look forward to building a sustainable ecosystem for health and fitness, powered by the new generation of talent who choose to explore non-traditional fields such as sports.”


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