THE World University Ranking: Why India’s leading science institute IISc slipped out of top 300

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The IISc still tops the rank among the Indian universities on the list.

World University Rankings: Till the last few years, the number of Indian institutions with a good global ranking was quite less. But this year, more Indian institutions made their way into the latest global ranking released on Wednesday. But, despite this good news, a premier institution, ‘Indian Institute of Science (IISc)’, the only Indian institute in top 300 last year lost its position to slip into the 1-350 group due to a considerable fall in its research citation impact.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 1,300 universities in 92 countries in its 2020 edition named 56 Indian institutions. The number was 49 last year. This made India the third most-represented country in Asia behind Japan and China and fifth most-represented country in the list.

The top position on the list was retained by the University of Oxford for the fourth time in a row. Whereas the California Institute of Technology rose from fifth to second. The University of Cambridge lost one place to slip to the third position. Similarly, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology fell by one rank and got the fourth and fifth position respectively.

The IISc still tops the rank among the Indian universities on the list. But, since it dropped into the 301-350 bracket from last year’s 251-300 bracket last year, it shares the top Indian university’s position with the Indian Institute of Technology – Ropar in the list. According to the compilers of the list, the fall in IISc’s ranking is a result of a significant fall in its citation impact score offsetting improvements in research environment’. Also, the teaching environment and industry income of the Institution play a significant role in the rankings.

According to a report published in HT, the Times Higher Education (THE) said, “After 2012, this is the first incident that an Indian university cannot make a place in the top 300. In 2012, the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, was the only institution in the top 300 list from India,”

Indian Institute of Technology – Indore which is now in the 351-400 band was pushed by the Indian Institute of Technology – Ropar into the third position in the list. It totals as many as 7 Indian universities made to a lower band this year.

The ranking editor of Times Higher Education (THE), Ellie Bothwell said that there is a huge amount of potential in India when it comes to global higher education, considering it rapidly growing youth population, stable economy and the proficiency in the use of English-language instruction.

“It is disappointing to see India fall out of the top 300 of the rankings this year and only a small number of institutions progressing towards a better ranking,” said Ellie Bothwell. She also added that the Indian government is emphasizing on boosting the global standing of its top universities and attract foreign students, academics and research collaboration.


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